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At Dione, we're fully transparent with who we are and what we do.


Maxim Prishchepo

Chief Technical Officer / Head of Nebra

Max has been working as a Blockchain System Architect and Blockchain Developer for more than 7 years and is most interested in working on complex projects to use his skills and experience. Max has developed many projects with 100% success, but most notably, was the core Lead Developer of the following:

  • https://fantom.foundation - Architect / Lead Developer at Fantom (DAG development) (https://github.com/Fantom-foundation/go-lachesis)
  • https://energi.world - Core Blockchain Developer (CosmosSDK, Go-lang)

“For more than 1 year already we have been working together and discussing the Green energy platform. It is one of the most unique projects I’ve ever participated in and I believe that together we can make an innovative and a great product, which will positively affect a lot of people.” - Maxim Prishchepo

Brandon Kokoski

Vice President / Chief of Operations

Brandon has been in the DeFi space for over 2 years as a competent investor and project advisor. As an early investor in multiple projects that achieved 100M and 1B+ Market Caps, he has tallied up a lot of exposure to business relations, community building and crypto specific marketing strategy. Prior to crypto, Brandon comes from 5 years of business experience in the Fitness Industry, Marketing Industry and part time in the Emergency Services, stemming from his passion of helping people find their best selves.

Ryan Arriaga

Head of Blockchain

Ryan is a passionate entrepreneur with 3 previously acquired tech companies and over 8 product lines launched for the DeFi space under his leadership. As an executor, Ryan served previously as Global Head of Products for SafeMoon following the acquisition of “SafeMoon connect” his personal project & launching their wallet from start to finish as well as serving as CEO for Reflex Finance whilst launching over 5 DeFi centered implementations in only 6 months.

Jacob Smith

Head of Web Development

Jacob is a senior website developer with knowledge in a few programming languages; He's been a website developer for over 8 years. Starting in a small niche community, he moved in to DeFi in March 2021 working for SafeMoon LLC, GlowToken, AffinityBSC, and many others. Responsible for the main website and to make sure it stays updated and reliable.

Azeem Saifi

Senior Development Manager

Azeem has been in the blockchain industry for 6+ years at management and consultancy positions. He has worked on 10+ greenfield projects and has architected hybrid blockchains in the metaverse, indexes, debt financing, gaming and real estate industries.

His experience with wealth management firms, private funds, a potential digital bank and the DeFi industry empowers him to understand the shortcomings faced by Web 2.0 ecosystems and migrate them over to Web 3.0 at Dione.

Stefan Kermer

Business Development Manager

Stefan holds a PhD in Energy Economics, studied at London Business School, and has a background in energy engineering and law. He's dedicated to combatting the Climate Emergency and achieving a decarbonized society.

He's founded multiple startups, gained 5 years of web3 experience, consulted for international energy companies and startups, and lead significant innovation and strategy initiatives in the energy transition.


Head of Energy

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