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About Dione Protocol

Inspired by the Nebra Sky, we present to you...
The Dione Ecosystem.

Dione Wallet

Safely and Securely store your crypto in our wallet that will also reduce the barrier to entry for newcomers of DeFi.

Dione Swap

The Dione Swap will be a cross-chain swap and bridge service that will solve the complexity of purchasing tokens.

Dione Blockchain

Dione Blockchain is a decentralized protocol that empowers safe, secure and energy efficient transactions.

About Dione

Token Information

NameDione Protocol
Supply10,000,000,000 Dione
Trade Tax2%

What's to Come

Our Roadmap

Aug 27
Sept 3

An Open Letter to the Army


Sept 17

Marketing Update, Wallet Update 2/3, Updated Roadmap


Sept 20

Dione Wallet Android Completion

Google Play Store application submitted

Official Marketing Campaign Announcement

Sept 23

Dione Wallet IOS Completion

App Store application submitted

Sept 27-Oct 3

Dione Wallet Google Play Store;

App Store release

Oct 5
Dione Swap: Ethereum
Oct 10

Dione Swap: Cross-Chain

Dione Swap: Bridge

Oct 14


Full in-depth explainer with models

Oct 21

Second major marketing campaign begins

Oct 31

Orbit 2 Begins

The Three Ghosts explained

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