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Building a sustainable future with eco-friendly and innovative blockchain technologies.


The Dione Ecosystem

Inspired by the Nebra Sky


Setting the foundation for a new era of eco-friendly and sustainable blockchain technologies.


Innovative off-grid validators for Odyssey, powered by solar energy and Starlink connectivity.


Empowers individuals and businesses by facilitating easy and secure transactions of clean energy through Odyssey.

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Recorded June 28, 2024.

Dione Express

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Project Orion

Innovative off-grid validators for Odyssey, uploaded to Starlink powered by solar energy and Starlink connectivity.

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StorySet Innovate


Elysium 88 - A Dione Collection

Dione, in collaboration with DiamondSwap and in anticipation of the launch of our Odyssey mainnet is excited to introduce the future of decentralized finance on the Odyssey mainnet, the first official Yield Farm. This venture will begin with the launch of our highly anticipated “Elysium 88: A Dione Collection.” In Dione fashion, the Elysium 88 NFTs are launching the same way Dione was back on August 14, 2022 - stealthily; so everyone has a fair opportunity.

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