Odyssey Chain | The next generation of trust and security

the backbone of the Dione Ecosystem - a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain


Odyssey Chain

Build the future on Odyssey, a highly performant Layer-1 protocol offering swift transaction finality, robust security, and seamless scalability.

Super Fast

Enjoy swift transfers with reduced fees, minimizing wait times and maximizing your flexibility.


Network security scales with an increased validator count, making the network even more secure.


Starting with up to 4,500 txns per sec, we provide one of the fastest solutions on the market.

Our Partners

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Start Building

Explore the API

Dive into a treasure trove of advanced functionalities: Odyssey's API boasts a rich tapestry of formats, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with your unique vision. Whether you're building a blazing-fast DeFi protocol, a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, or an innovative DAO platform, Odyssey's flexible tools adapt to your specific use case

Get a list of all transactions
Stats and chart data
See holder counts for any token
List all transfers from any given wallet
+ more...

Explore API

Developer Friendly

Build on Odyssey

Leverage your existing expertise in Solidity and familiar tools like Remix, Truffle, and MetaMask for a smooth transition to Odyssey Chain. EVM compatible, Odyssey Chain lets you effortlessly deploy your dApps, just like on Ethereum.

EVM Compatible

Unlock the full potential of your dApps. Odyssey Chain's EVM compatibility meets blazing speed and affordability.

Oracles Integrations

With Chainlink and Band Protocol seamlessly woven into our fabric, you have access to everything you need.

Open Source

The code is just the beginning. Odyssey lets you explore, tinker, and build with the community.

Robust APIs

Forge the next generation of dApps with our Rest API that comes in multiple formats and good for all skill levels.

Low Fees

Enjoy lower fees on all of your contract deployments lowering the barrier to entry for businesses of all sizes.

Energy Efficient

Low energy usage on our proof-of-stake network, bringing the power of renewable energy to Odyssey.