What is Nebra?

Nebra is a decentralized energy trading platform powered by the Dione Protocol blockchain. It aims to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable for everyone; It works by connecting energy producers and consumers on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. This allows producers to sell their excess energy directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional energy grid. This can lead to significant savings for both producers and consumers.

To find out more about Nebra, check out the full article on Medium.


Nebra Roadmap

Phase 1: Plan

Create the wireframes for all apps

Phase 2: Design

Design UIs for Nebra mobile app

Design UIs for Nebra web apps

Phase 3: Develop

Development of the mobile frontend

Development of all web frontends

Testing and QA

Phase 4:

Integration of the MVP features, including necessary 3rd parties


Testing and QA

Deployment/released on production environment

Phase 5:

Ongoing analysis, design, development, and launch of new features and
integration with more 3rd parties/partners